Laffing Out Loud Lafter - Why Laughter
Below we have provided several PDF files outlining the many benefits of laughter:

AATH (Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor) (PDF)

The Benefits of Laughter (PDF)

Good-Hearted Living (PDF)


"I was a regular participant at this laughter club when I lived in Saskatoon. After each session, I would go home feeling joyful, relaxed and ready for a good night's sleep. This is significant because I struggle with a minor sleep disorder. Laughter yoga is not only a fun way to exercise, it also relieves an incredible amount of stress and tension in the body. I wish there was a club where I live now -- I miss laughing out loud with Helen! Helen is a great laughter leader—she is relaxed and encouraging in her methods and does a good job of explaining the benefits of laughter. She is energetic and makes people feel comfortable—and she has a great laugh, too! In addition, Helen taught me to take laughter with me in my daily life — and that sometimes when things seem dismal, laughter can brighten a perspective and make any situation seem easier to handle. I highly recommend Helen's laughter club — it will not only make you laugh, but it will also make you feel relaxed, happy, and re-energized the following days." - Christine S., Iqaluit, Nunavut

"Tension and stress reveal themselves as sore muscles, upset stomach, headaches, but when I go to Laughter class I feel relaxed from the inside out, like an internal massage. My body thanks me!" - J. S.

"Helen started coming into the YWCA Crisis Shelter and Residence this fall (Sept., 2010) for Laughter Club for our residents. Our residents have really enjoyed the Laughter Club. It is a great stress release for our residents. Laughter Club has allowed them 1 hr in their day where they can relax and laugh instead of focusing on their crisis. I have participated in the sessions and thoroughly enjoyed my time. Helen is able to adapt to our resident's comfort level and mood. Our long term residents continue to come back every time to Helen's sessions and they encourage other residents to try it out. After each session there is always someone saying how much they enjoyed Laughter Club. One resident wanted Helen to come in every week. Laughter Club lightens everyone's mood, lets them forgot about their worries and stresses, provides a time to socialize in a healthy environment and gives our women the opportunity to be silly and to have a good laugh. Helen’s Laughter Club is a great addition to our programming for our residents." - Lisa – YWCA Crisis Shelter and Residence Staff

"You were such a hit with our group last night. I was really worried that no one would participate, but you eased them into it with gentle caring. Then before I knew it, everyone was doing the 'ho, ho, ho.' There were 45 people there... As I walked around during coffee time, every person that I spoke with only had good things to say about your presentation. You read the room perfectly and you made every person there feel very comfortable. I was very impressed with you... The professionalism that you showed... Thank You for the fun evening… Thank You for a job well done." – R.D., Chairman of the Parkinson's Support Group, Saskatoon

"I met Helen in April 2010 at an AATH (Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor) conference and at her invitation attended a Laughter Session with her at Laguna Beach, CA. I was immediately impressed with Helen's happy attitude and acceptance of me, a virtual stranger, as a friend and companion on life's journey toward being a humor being. She inspired me to become a Laughter Leader and I journeyed to Saskatoon to take the training from her. She is an excellent presenter; well organized, humorous, upbeat, energetic, flexible, accepting and accommodating. I would highly recommend Helen as a presenter at your conference. Participants will learn in a fun environment and will never forget the experience..." - N.C., Peace River, AB

"I wanted to laugh more and after my experience of a few Laughter Yoga sessions, I started to attend Helen's sessions at Lakeview Civic Centre. Helen is always smiling and gives instructions and demonstrates in an easy to follow manner. I appreciate Helen's acceptance and non-judgmental attitude and in particular, Helen's genuineness. The class is generally too short for me cause I love to laugh alot! However, if I need a pick me up, it's worth every penny to attend her class. I always feel lighter and brighter and once again, am reminded of the healing power of laughter (for either some or no reason). Hahahahahahahahaha." - Esther Stenberg, MD, Ancient Spirals Retreat near Saskatoon, SK

"Helen's extensive background, her wide spread knowledge, and illustrious studies, has naturally lead her to the use and development of laughter therapy in many levels of her work. She is not only a Laughter Leader but also a trainer and has empowered herself and others to incorporate this theory in many avenues of life experiences. She is very capable of adapting the Laughter program to meet the various needs of her recipients." - S.M., Saskatoon, SK

"Thank for taking part in our Wellness Conference. From what I witnessed, I can tell that our students thoroughly enjoyed your session. They also liked the goodies that you gave them at the end. Most importantly, I think that they will take from your session, strategies to cope with stress and to generally not to sweat the small things. Thank you for taking the time to pass on your laughter therapy techniques." - L.C., Grade 6 AcTal (program for Academically Talented students), Saskatoon, SK

"I like therapeutic laughter, I think it is good for breath and heart. It's first time I went to laughter class. I really enjoyed it." "I like breathing in and out. That helped me and I learned a new thing, it is good for our health to breath." "It was a new experience and I laughed a lot." "I think here laughter program is different in my country." "I love it because it make me laugh and change my mood to better. I would like to see move movement and activity." "It was interesting, I enjoyed it very much." "I am really interested about laughter yoga because it made me laugh and smile. It felt good for exercise too." "The teacher was really, really awesome, she is very friendly. In my opinion therapeutic laughter should include more stuff to make you laugh, new methods." "I like therapeutic laughter because it changed my mood.'" "I like everything about therapeutic laughter. I like a lot of breathing. I feel better when I did the breathing. Sometimes I do laughter exercises with my children now and they make it fun. - MYWAY Participants, class of 2011/12

"I really enjoyed therapeutic laughter. As a facilitator of Life Skills for newcomer women, I felt the class helped some of the women to open up and explore their emotions and boundaries in a positive and safe space." - April Derkson, MYWAY Life Skills Coordinator, Saskatchewan Intercultural Association

"Helen provides a happy uplifting laughter experience! I attended two separate laughter sessions at different organizations and both were a blast. She is a cheerful leader that lights up the room and makes you feel comfortable to open up and be silly. Although laughing in front of strangers is not always the easiest, her sessions always made me feel I could relax and literally laugh out loud. I highly recommend people to step outside their comfort zone and try it!" - Brittany Bodnar, Social Worker, Saskatoon, SK.

"Helen guided us through laughter, stretching and breathing exercises that left us feeling lighter and relaxed. It was fun to be silly and discover the benefits of laughter!" - Amie R., 2nd year nursing student